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(EBR) Early Bird Racing


Early Bird Racing Sim Racing League was founded in November 2013, with a mission of providing a realistic racing environment, one with emphasis on clean racing and respect. EBR is an early Saturday morning league for those of us that prefer that type of schedule. EBR runs on one sim platform - the iRacing Sim service. 


During the summer and winter, Early Bird Racing will take a 2-3 month break from sim racing. This will ensure that we do not get burned out and also allow time for our families and personal life. One of our sister leagues "Fire and Ice" will host special events during these down times to keep our members involved.  

New members must be at least 18 years old to join Early Bird Racing, demonstrate mature responsible driving habits and good control of race vehicle, At least a class C license, and  good Inc per race stats. Casual racers are welcome at EBR. 

Familiarity with Rules is expected of all drivers that race with or join EBR. Look over the rules carefully, and be familiar with them before you log into the race server to race. If you have any questions about EBR, You can use the Forum, League E-mail or Teamspeak to contact the league administrator . If you wish to race with us, start by signing up at the forum.

Our premier series is the Xfinity Cup series with Fixed setups and a chase. The series  will  run a 14 race season starting February and lasting thru end of May. A trophy will be awarded for the Xfinity Championship.

The Camping World Truck Series starts August and last thru November. The series will run a 12-14 race season. We will run one series per year with the Xfinity and Truck series. Trophy for the truck series based on donations.

The Indy 500 will be a yearly event using the DW12. (July)

Practice time will be at 7:30 AM qualifying at 9:00 AM race time will be at 9:05AM every Saturday morning. Double file restarts and yellow flags will be "on". The race length will be set at approximately 75 to 100 laps. The Lucky Dog Rule will be used. Points will be tracked using the Nascar Point system and will be calculated by iRacing Points Manager danlisa. An extra 1 bonus point will be awarded for leading a lap, and 2 points for winning the race. 




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